As part of building quality improvement knowledge and skills across the trauma system the Health Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission), in conjunction with the National Trauma Network, is funding 20 scholarships for one person per DHB to participate in a quality improvement facilitator (QIF) course, to be delivered by Ko Awatea in 2020.

The Commission and the National Trauma Network strongly encourage developing the quality improvement capability of New Zealand's trauma workforce as part of improving trauma patient outcomes. 


What is involved? 

This is a 10-month course that uses an experiential learning approach. The course is comprised of in-person and online learning sessions. Participants are taught the theory of proven service quality improvement methodologies and are then supported to practically apply that theory by completing an improvement project that is strategically important to their organisation and to their patients/communities. Participants are supported to complete the course and their project by the course facilitators, Commission staff, and project sponsors and advocates within their organisation.  

The project that participants complete must be related to the care and rehabilitation pathway for trauma patients. A focus on one or more of the following areas is desired:

  • Critical haemorrhage
  • Trauma rehabilitation
  • Severe traumatic brain injury (sTBI).

Projects are expected to deliver measurable improvements in the system or process that individuals are working on. There should also be plans in place to monitor and sustain these improvements by the end of the course.


Who can participate?

Scholarship recipients need to have an active role in the management of trauma patients and be involved at a hospital or regional level in the organisation of multidisciplinary trauma care delivery (applications that do not meet this criteria will not be successful).

Details of the QIF are communicated to DHBs allowing them to each nominate a participant. 

Applications are now closed. The course will begin in March 2020. 


Get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the Quality Improvement Facilitator course.