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March 2020

Injury research opportunities

Interested in injury? We would like to collaborate with clinicians/researchers who want to advance the understanding of the burden of trauma in Aotearoa. Find out about potential project opportunities and more here

January 2020

The Year Ahead

This time last year it would have been hard to imagine the events of March 15th and December 9th which required trauma responses of a scale and type not previously required in NZ. So in 2020, what will lie before us? Without considering what might unpredictably be thrust upon us, it will nonetheless be an important year for trauma activity. Most importantly, it will be the start of the quality improvement initiatives, provided by the Health Quality and Safety Commission (The Commission) on behalf of the Network. Critical haemorrhage, rehabilitation, and serious traumatic brain injury are all QI activities which will be initiated shortly, or in near future. In parallel, a trauma quality improvement facilitator (TQIF) course will be run by Ko Awatea with participants from DHBs around NZ and our prehospital providers. In July we will transition to new Major Trauma Registry software which we hope will be more user friendly and useful at a local and national level. In August, we will run our first National Trauma Symposium (www.traumasymposium.nz) with Chris Moran, clinical lead for the Trauma Network in the UK  as well as Belinda Gabbe and Michael Dinh from Australia. And before long it will be the end of the year. While hoping for as low an incidence of trauma as possible, inevitably it will occur and our role in the Network is to make sure patients are cared for as efficiently and effectively as possible leaving them both alive and able to return as close as possible to their previous quality of life.


Ian Civil, National Clinical Lead

Siobhan Isles, National Programme Manager