The New Zealand Trauma Registry (NZTR) is a valuable database of comprehensive injury data for all hospital-admitted major trauma patients. 


Request Process

Research into injury is key to progressing our goals and we are keen to foster interest in injury research and build a strong and engaged research community. New Zealand and International researchers may wish to request national aggregate NZTR data for conducting their research. To do this: 

1. Read and ensure you understood the Data Use Policy and the Privacy framework

2. Download and complete the Provision of data form, Fee for provision of data form, and Data request form

3. Submit all forms and other relevant information to help@majortrauma.nz. 


Review Process

Your request will be reviewed at the next National Data Governance group meeting. The group convenes approximately every four months. 

The Data Governance group is an independent working group led by an independent chair, that ensures the ethical and appropriate use of national data held in the NZTR. In its decision to release data, the Group considers the privacy of patients, New Zealand law under the relevant provisions, and contribution to the field of knowledge in trauma.

Once approved you will be contacted shortly after, and data will be transferred securely in the appropriate format. 



Privacy Framework 

The Privacy framework (which encompasses the technical solution and the process of collection and use of data) has been endorsed by the Office of the Privacy Commission. In addition, the following Acts and Guidelines govern the use of NZTR data:

  • Health Act 1956,
  • New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000,
  • Privacy Act 1993,
  • Public Records Act 2005
  • DHB General Disposal Authority
  • Health Information Privacy Code 1994 (HIPC)
  • Health Information Governance Guidelines 2017
  • HISO 10029:2015 Health Information Security Framework

As DHBs manage the use of their patient information and data within the bounds of various policies, it is not required for DHBs to submit requests to use local data submitted by them. This is similar for regions where there is a regional data sharing agreement in place. In these cases, the source data may be acknowledged, but it must be clear that NZTR and the National Trauma Network has not provided oversight or quality control for the interpretation and analysis of the data. 



If you had any queries regarding the data request process or the trauma registry get in touch with us.