The National Trauma Network collects information about all major trauma patients admitted to New Zealand hospitals through the New Zealand Trauma Registry. 


Download our printable brochure for key information you need to know about the Trauma Registry.

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We collect information about: 

  • your injury (when you were injured and the cause)
  • the care you received before coming to hospital
  • the care you received in hospital
  • where you were discharged to after hospital
  • your National Health Index number, name, age and ethnicity

How we keep your information safe

The information you provide is securely collected, entered and stored in the trauma registry. Only authorised staff can access it. The Privacy Act 1993 and Health Information Privacy Code 1994 apply to the New Zealand Trauma Registry. Your information in the trauma registry is kept private and is never used to influence your health care or ACC claim.

How we use your information

The trauma registry has an important role in assessing how well the trauma system is performing and where quality improvements could be made in order to better support injured people to recover.

The information in the trauma registry may be combined with information from other organisations like the Ministry of Health and ACC to help us understand and improve things that might help recovery from injury.  Being included on the registry will not change your medical or ACC care in any way.

The trauma registry data governance group is responsible for managing the information we hold. Data may sometimes be used for research purposes and the governance group makes sure all appropriate approvals are obtained beforehand. Research is important for helping to prevent injuries and improve the quality of care. More information on the process for accessing registry data for research can be found here

Opting out

You can opt out of the trauma registry at any time by contacting us directly

If you would like more information

The doctor or nurse treating you can provide guidance and more information on your privacy rights.The Office of the Privacy Commission also has useful information on its website. You can also contact us directly. 


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