Using the Networkz methodology, advanced high-fidelity simulation in-situ in emergency departments has been funded through the National Trauma Network in regional hospitals. 


What is involved?  

Multi-disciplinary simulation-based training has been shown to result in more effective delivery of care, with significant improvements in the efficiency and safety culture of patient care. 

The SimMan 3G used in these trainings have been enhanced and tailored for the different needs and experiences of the relevant emergency department (ED) trauma teams. The training engages teams in practical scenarios, with activities relevant to their own practice.  

In the trauma environment it has been shown to improve processes of care in the ED and ensure patients receive the correct intervention early on. 

The pilots run to date have been very highly received by participants and faculty. With the intention to have trained instructors in all DHBs to sustain this, the National Network now aims to roll out this training programme nationally. 

Benefits of the trauma team training programme: 

  • Adjustments in process or systems in the ED
  • Improving communication between teams
  • Improvement in teamwork
  • Correct interventional care/location
  • Cost benefit for funders
  • Delivers confidence in providers
  • Patient satisfaction


For more information visit the Networkz website.