Published 24/01/2020

This year Waikato Hospital farewells Jenny Dorrian, a trauma clinical nurse specialist (CNS) who retired after over 40 years of public health service.

Jenny dedicated the past 13 years to improving trauma care right from the formative years of the Waikato Hospital Trauma Service, alongside Grant Christey with a single computer, a desk and a couple of chairs. She has been instrumental in developing the Midland System to what it is today by training and passing on her knowledge to the other trauma nurses in the region and nationally.

Along with many other contributions, she has supported setting up the Nursing Clinics (Trauma Reach Virtual Clinic) and Optimal Recovery After Trauma (ORAT) programmes in Waikato Hospital Trauma Service along with the team consisting of other CNS’s Bronwyn Denize, Gina Marsden, Dr Andrew Low, Grant Christey and Damien Ah Yen (Trauma Consultant).

She led with heart and had an enduring commitment to champion patient and whānau care, having said many times "Hugs are free. I always say, you can have a free hug any time”. Her efforts speak to what she has learnt is most important – we must support a positive frame of mind for patients, for those who need it lets take an extra step, and the better relationships between hospital teams the better our ability to improve care.


“Keeping the patient and whānau/families informed is very important and keeps everyone on the same page. I was especially pleased to be part of the team to achieve Trauma one verification for Waikato Hospital. “



Jenny has now retired to Whitianga with her husband Neill. She is an immensely loved and respected colleague and friend, and we want to echo everyone’s best wishes for her chapter ahead.