The National Trauma Network is made up of management and senior clinical leaders from New Zealand’s four regional trauma networks which represent all the hospitals. The Network also includes representatives from pre-hospital and rehabilitation services.


Governance Group

Appointed by our sponsors, the Governance Group oversees the Network work program delivery and provides leadership and advice to sponsors and sector decision makers. The group sets high-level strategic priorities for the work programme and endorses performance measures.

Operational Group

The Operational Group manages the operational aspects of our national work plan. The group serves as a key link between regional and national networks. Members include the national clinical lead and programme manager, the four regional clinical leads and coordinators, representatives from the ambulance sector, and sponsor representatives.

Chair – Dr Ian Civil, Interim National Clinical Lead

National Trauma Registry Data Governance Group

This group governs data collected in the New Zealand Trauma Registry. It considers ethics and other approval requirements related to requests for data for research and other purposes. Members of this group includes representatives from each regional network, academics and researchers, and epidemiologists. This group is chaired by an independent chair. 

​Chair: Daniel Patrick

Trauma Nurse Specialists and Data Collectors group

This group enables inter-regional education, training and discussions on NZTR and other areas of relevance such as case management, research and professional development. 

Chair: Kendra Sanders, Interim Senior Network Manager